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I know... it's been a while since I have updated everyone on some new products on the market. 

Here is a copy of an email I received:

Here is a link of the solar project I am working on. I actually have one for the beach where I attach a speaker to a rock to create a solar power Rockamp.
ABSTRACT-The product is called ROCKPOWER. No batteries are needed.Place ROCKPOWER in direct sunlight and it will measure the local amount of sunlight. It is an interesting item where the individual learns, the fun of Electronics, solar energy, and the science of rocks.
SPECIFICATIONS- it operates on fundamental laws of Physics, Gravity theory, and Einstein's theory of relativity. The Mass of sunlight is slight so a meter is used to indicate charging. This creates a pleasant environment for the owner.
Please let me know when the page is up so I can have a look,
sincerely yours,

Here are the pictures that were attached. 



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